Hello, I'm Kevia

I am currently working as a software engineer at GameStop. Our team is responsible for the NFT marketplace which has a focus on Web3 gaming. Blockchain is a truly amazing technology and I believe we are only in the early stages of unlocking its true potential. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are the obvious and easy implementations, we are still in the process of discovering how it can really improve our digital lives.

Something I've been thinking about a lot lately is how can blockchain technology help us combat disinformation and misinformation? The explosion of information in our modern age has made it harder to understand reality and to discern fact from fiction.


We live in what could only be described as an information Utopia. Anything and everything you want to possibly know is accessible at your finger tips. However, because of filter bubbles, confirmation bias, cognitive dissonance and attention economics, we as a society are more divided than ever! Can blockchain technology fix our media landscape by realigning the incentives? Would it be possible to fully trust what we consume on the internet if the blockchain provided some measure of provenance?

Outside of work I enjoy reading sci-fi books, exercising in the mornings, techno music from the early 2000s, ugly websites from the 1990s (obviously) and more coding.

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