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I think life is about the journey of becoming a better ☸️ person everyday through discipline and any Religion of your choosing πŸ™.

Outside of Work*****

Things I'm working onwork | hobby | leisure

For my "JOB JOB" I build and maintain control panel software for some big company worth a few 1 X 10^9, no big deal 😏 (just acquired). We're using React for the UI, a quasi custom implementation of flux for state management, webpack as our bundler all backed by a Perl API. A common shared component library is used across multiple teams to build a consistent and unified user interface. The tools used to build the design system are webpack, storybook and Lerna to manage all the packages/components as a monorepo. Working on this design system has been very challenging but enjoyable.

Built WithAll the tech stuff

This site was built using Gatsby. Gatsby is just a static site generator. Under the hood it's React and JavaScript with most of the build process taken care of by Gatsby. I styled it using styled components using only CSS, no framework for the layout (PHEW). The site is hosted on Netlify.

This site was created during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Life on this planet at that moment in time was surreal. Busy cities were desolate and grocery store shelves were empty. There were riots in the streets caused by pent up anxiety from the pandemic lockdowns and racial tensions in America. The leader of one of the world's most powerful country was being ruled by a man who embodied the characteristics of the typical billionaire villain you would see in comic books. I always wanted to update my personal site so I guess you can say I had some time on my hands. Alright take care and be safe.