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I think life is about the journey of becoming a better ☸️ person everyday through discipline and any Religion of your choosing πŸ™.

Outside of Work*****

Things I'm working onwork | hobby | leisure

For my "JOB JOB" I build and maintain control panel software for some big company worth a few 1 X 10^9, no big deal 😏 (just acquired). We're using React for the UI, a quasi custom implementation of flux for state management, webpack as our bundler all backed by a Perl API. A common shared component library is used across multiple teams to build a consistent and unified user interface. The tools used to build the design system are webpack, storybook and Lerna to manage all the packages/components as a monorepo. Working on this design system has been very challenging but enjoyable.

Built WithAll the tech stuff

This site was built using Gatsby. Gatsby is just a static site generator. Under the hood it's React and JavaScript with most of the build process taken care of by Gatsby. I styled it using styled components using only CSS, no framework for the layout (PHEW). The site is hosted on Netlify.

I built it during this crazy Covid-19 pandemic. This is absolutely surreal what is going on right now. What a crazy time we live in. The whole city is shutdown. Anyway I had some time on my hands so I just went ahead and built this. I always wanted to update my personal site but procrastinated for a very long time. Alright take care and be safe.